Summary of JASSA

Activities of JASSA

Japan Staffing Services Association (JASSA) is the industry organization of the government-approved temporary work agencies. We aim to meet the expectations of temporary agency workers and client companies that use temporary agency workers, and contribute to society through the staffing service. We support all member companies in achieving compliance and proper business operation, and provide temporary agency workers with information, seminars, and e-learning for their career-development.


Name Japan Staffing Services Association (JASSA)
Foundation 1986 . 12. 1
Number of Members 722 (2019 . 4 . 1)
Address Nipponseimei-Shinbashi BLDG. 2F, 1-18-16 Shinbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-0004 Japan

Board members

Chairperson Masamichi Mizuta PERSOL HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Representative Director, President and CEO
Vice-Chairperson Koji Sakamoto STAFFSERVICE HOLDINGS CO., LTD. President & CEO
Vice-Chairperson Hiromichi Tasaki Tokio Marine & Nichido Career Service Co.,Ltd. President & Chief Exective Officer
Board member Masaru Anzai Anzai Law Firm Lawyer
Board member Masahiro Ikeda ManpowerGroup Co., Ltd. Representative Director & President
Board member Yukio Uchida Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union Deputy Secretary-General; Director of Organization, small and Medium-Sized Companies Department
Board member Hiroshi Ohara Big Ability Co.,Ltd. President
Board member Mio Kashiwamura Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. President
Board member Kenichiro Kawasaki Adecco Ltd. President
Board member Satoshi Saruya Randstad Japan President and COO
Board member Katsuya Suda PERSOL Panasonic HR PARTNERS CO., LTD. Chairman and Director
Board member Hideharu Tsubota Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Advisor
Board member Hiroshi Tomomitsu CAREER PLANNING Co., Ltd. Director and Advisor
Board member Ichirou Masumura b-style.Inc Representative Director, President and CEO
Auditor Takeo Okazeri Takai Okazeri Law Offices Office Manager


Development of JASSA

1984.7 Formed the Japan Office Service Association with 8 companies
1994.1 Joined Ciett* (La Confederation internationale des entreprises de travail temporaire) (JASSA has participated in the annual
World Employment Conference every year since)
1995.7 Joined the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (currently, Japan Business Federation)
2002.4 Organized the Annual World Employment Conference <Ciett* 2002 Tokyo Conference>
2002.5 Established the Health Insurance Society For Temporary Agency Workers <Haken Kenpo>
2010.5 Signed joint statement with the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, Rengo
2012.7 Established the Japan Association of Human Resource Services Industry with 4 human resource services organizations

* Ciett…Ciett changed its name to "World Employment Confederation" as of September 21, 2016

Scale of members' businesses

Employment share of temporary agency workers
Member approx.450,000 workers/Total approx. 1,340,000 workers
* [Reference] "Report on temporary agency work industry; current conditions as of June 1, 2015", published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Sales share of temporary agency work industry
Member approx. 1,889.3 billion yen/Total approx. 5,679.0 billion yen
* [Reference] "Aggregated results of 2015 business report of temporary agencies", published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
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