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Message from the Chairman
Japan Staffing Services Association Chairman Takashi Ienaka

As the Japanese Government has now implemented policies for accelerating the reconstruction of stricken areas of the East Japan Great Earthquake as well as policies for getting out of deflation and revitalizing the economy, the Japanese economy is on a moderate recovery trend and the employment situation is improving clearly. On the other hand, population estimates as of October 2013 released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications shows that the productive population is less than 80 million for the first time in 32 years. This means that labor market, especially working structure by industry as well as diversity of working way, continues to change.

For the realization of sustainable economic growth in the future, it would be indispensable for both employer and employee to adapt the structural changes and to strengthen the competitive power and the human resources power. Human resources are one of the most important resources in Japan and they are competitive source of Japanese enterprises. We should try to support eagerness of workers and development of their ability irrespective of employment form such as temporary agency worker, part-time job and regular or contract worker as well as to improve the environment to promote the participation of women and the elderly to the labor market. At the same time we should try to realize the "mobility of workers" from matured industries to growing industries and also to realize the "employment stability".

Under these circumstances the bill for amendment of Worker Dispatching Law has been submitted to the Diet on March 2014. JASSA is closely watching the deliberation in the Diet and will appeal actively to the organizations concerned to establish a system helping the employment stability, adapting to the actual situation and being easy understandable for both temporary agency workers and client company at the time of enacting cabinet or ministerial ordinances and business instruction manuals after the conclusion of the amendment. Moreover for the creation of employment opportunity JASSA will promote to support career development program of temporary agency workers by each member company and establish an educational training system across the industries together with newly established the Japan Association of Human Resources Services Industry (JHR) and the ministries concerned which enable for temporary agency workers to continue to work adapting to individual life style.

While we have a lot of subjects to work on, so far our industries always try to provide services adapting to needs of the times so that temporary agency work could be accepted in the various area, and our industries has played an important role in the adjustment function of supply-demand gap in the labor market. What we aim at any time is to create the diversified employment opportunity where everybody could select the way to work adapting to his/her own life style and continue to work lively with pride, and to realize a society with sustainable growth energy by making use of ability of workers to the full. We would like to realize useful career development through temporary agency work by promoting our program in long term as well as to contribute to further progress and development of our country.

Japan Staffing Services Association
President: Masamichi Mizuta
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